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Sorry for not posting so much..

I had some things in my private life going on.. But I’m back for now. Hopefully everything will work out.

I only have 3 confessions in my ask.

So, what did you think about this season? Any things you wanted to be different? Maybe things that were really good? Hate/love/whatever? Come and tell me!

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Click here for livestream for tonight’s episode

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We’re accepting in two hours!


So send in an app to join the two fabulous ones we already have waiting to be accepted? More apps = more characters and more characters = happy mods!


Main Page - Ask - Apply - Most Needed - Taken List

(Source: celebrity-london-old, via omyclegane)

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Any RP’ers around here?

Celebrity London is currently looking for:

-Joe Dempsie

-Natalia Dormer

-Jack Gleeson

-Lena Headey

-Isaac Hempstead-Wright

-Liam Cunningham

-Carice van Houten

-Alfie Allen

—Click here for their masterlist!—

Or anyone that’s not on the list. These are just some ideas! Go check them out here (x) They’re very nice and welcoming and i’m sure you’ll at feel home right away. (AKA i play Sophie Turner)

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Scars of the past // New chapter


SanSan’s, click here!

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